Very playful and a little crazy in her hours, she hides a formidable ability to put the house without tops underneath. She has a passion for cooking that regularly leads her to forget the pots on the fire and the croissants in the oven... Never entrust her with the mission of co-pilot, you risk making tens of kilometers before she sees that it was necessary to fork. If it tells you to turn right, don't look, turn left. She is my little personal disaster and I cannot live without her. Do you rest assured, it has qualities (ah yes...?). Yes! Courage, righteousness and generosity.


A well-tempered character, soup with milk, his determination makes him overcome all the difficulties. If I told him that I wanted to go to the moon, he would do everything I could to take me there. So, of course, he wouldn't listen to my indications for fear of ending up on March, but that doesn't stop us from charting our course together since 1987. Love moves mountains.


Our pirate is the apple of our eyes.  Music, partying, Marina and good food, that's life. His philosophy, push not behind and not too fast in front. Always ready to defend the oppressed, he has a big heart like that. We no longer count the buddies in the difficulty he brought home.


The sun ray of our pirate. Mischievous, courageous, full of life, very cuddly with, despite everything, a good little character that comes to shake up the coolness of our Titounet. They complement each other perfectly. His presence filled us with joy.