The macadam in tracks...

Our little Norman village nestled in the middle of the forest to the expanses of the Mongolia, there is only a few centimetres on the computer screen. The journey seems you short! Yet, at the end of it, our camper will total several thousand kilometres. If your eye does not have more than three seconds to go from one point to another, we will travel several months. I promise, no more than thirty six, just enough time to make you dream.

In the meantime this great start, we continue our trips all over but always meets the paths where the past and the future meet.

On the way to the Morocco.

After joining the Spanish border Hendaye domestically basque, we must cross the Spain to reach the port of Algeciras. We choose to push the road and spend the night in Vitoria Gastiez because there is a large car park with an area designed to ensure clean water and draining wastewater. The next morning about 7 o'clock, direction Burgos. Here, two opportunities: through Madrid or continue towards Valladolid.

If you go through Madrid, must then go to Malaga to Algeciras. The road between Malaga and Gibraltar is a hassle. Concrete all around you, lights to no end... We did this road once and never again here... Pure hell!

We choose the road of Valladolid, Salamanca, Caceres, Seville, Jerez of the Frontera, Algeciras. It takes twelve hours of travel. You will be Algeciras in early evening. There are tickets for the boat either Ceuta to Tanger Med. Tanger Med allows easier and faster access to Marrakech and rating Atlantic while Ceuta favours the descent towards the desert (Merzouga, M'hamid) my little advice: don't get a night but rather the morning at the sunrise. So, relax and enjoy the day crossing. The real journey starts as soon as the ferry drops the amares...  On the boat to do the control of passports and registration cards. A poem and welcome to the Morocco.

Above all, we must be aware that at the Morocco do not hurry summer. The report km / time is not an exact science. Contrary to what many believe, this country is safe and you can travel safely. The unfortunate event of the Toubkal are extremely rare.

Nord du Maroc.

Si vous désirez filer vers le désert, passez une ou deux journées à Chefchaouen et à Fès. Deux villes à découvrir absolument et si différentes l'une de l'autre. La bleue Chefchaouen et Fès , l’une des plus ancienne cité marocaine.

A Chefchaouen nous stationnos gratuitement notre camping-car sur le parking du complexe Mohamed VI à deux pas de la vieille ville. 

A Fès, il y a un grand parking payant place Boujloud à coté de Bab Bou Jeloud qui est une porte d'entrée de la médina fortifiée.

Il faut une journée pour rejoindre Merzouga en passant par Midelt. 

South of the Morocco.

Merzouga offers the splendor of Erg Chebbi. We have the campsite "the pyramids" which is located slightly away from the village we can easily reach on foot. Next to Merzouga, Khamlia a small village inhabited by Gnawa musicians deserves a visit. Small concert and tea for the pleasure of an unforgettable encounter. Khamlia Center, the track to the East leads to the Mtis mining village which is virtually abandoned. Attention, compulsory vehicle because there is no road (sand followed by a chaotic way or very good shoes and a good supply of water). Ditto for the tour of the Lake ends Srij. The track menne to the lake located at the exit of Merzouga at the crossroads of the road of Rissani and the road of Khamlia (follow the West). Never go into the desert without a compass and without having met your starting position. Personally, I also use a compass for navigating a sailboat.