The preparation for the trip resembles Prévert's inventory.

A motorhome, blankets, cameras, match boxes, a winch, a pharmacy kit, computer, sardine boxes and clothes for the winter, soap, the tool box, books and maps ... The list is long, yet we must not forget anything!

The dining room, kitchen, bathroom, office, bedrooms and wardrobes. We are not turtles so our choice is the Swiss army knife: a motorhome. Yes, but which one?
Let us see our requirements.

  • Deus permanent beds (one large, two small)
  • Large refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Hood for cooking
  • Large reserve of clean water
  • Garage hold
  • Double floor
  • Vibration resistant berries
  • Skylights distributed over all the different living areas
  • Two photovoltaic panels each supplying a battery for a better electrical autonomy The two batteries are also connected to the charge of the motor.
  • Two converters 12v / 220 (a quasi-sine of 300w / 1000w in peak and a pure sine 1000w / 2000w in peak) ) The pure sine provided a regular energy essential for electronic devices such as a computer, medical equipment ... We do not want television. In both cases, never take a converter with a peak of less than 1000w because you may not have enough power at the start of the converter to launch the device connected to it (I am thinking particularly of breathing aid devices). If you only take one converter, opt for a pure sine.

For the motorhome, we made a reasonable choice. An Autostar Auros 17 from 2006 with 32000km on the clock. A new motorhome greatly increases the value of the vehicle for the carnet of passage through customs.
Today, all mechanics are relatively reliable. In addition, Ford is well distributed. The dual-wheel drive makes it easier to get out of the road pitfalls.

We acquired a quad bike to visit more difficult areas such as deserts and mountain trails. The trailer serves as our mobile garage.

September 2017

We made some changes after our trips to Morocco.

The roof air cooler is removed because it increases parasitic air intakes and its effectiveness is not conclusive. In its place, we put a skylight for a gain of natural light. Surprise, the motorhome has gained in road comfort. It heels less in the bends.

The absorption trimix refrigerator is not reliable. It does not stabilize the temperature on difficult roads and we lose too much fresh produce. This absorption refrigerator is replaced by a compression refrigerator. Test done, it is the right choice. Very quiet contrary to what is announced by motorhome manufacturers. It works wonderfully even on slopes and mountain passages. Another advantage is that the absorption system saves space for the same capacity. We took the opportunity to install a gas furnace in the freed space. The fixed bottom of this space is replaced by a small airtight door. This small door allows us to access the electrical installations without having to disassemble them (additional fridge fan, fan regulator, sockets and switches).

We glued the 220v socket, which was difficult to access, on the back of the refrigerator and in front of the outdoor low grille of the motorhome. It can be easily used from the outside (socket in a waterproof box just in case)

In addition, we installed a third photovoltaic panel connected to a third slow discharge battery dedicated solely to supplying the compression refrigerator. This circuit is totally independent. The battery does not recharge while driving but only when there is light. We do not see any malfunction of the refrigerator even at night.


To constitute our road-boock we use the site for the quality of its details.

We use the screenshot in '' Windows accessories This allows us to edit the maps with details like small roads and tracks

Following the advice of an aeronautical engineer, we downloaded the free gps application Sygic. It is a navigation application that works by activating the location or gps option of your smatphone or tablet without the need to connect to the Internet and without going through your phone plan. Simply download the desired maps on your smartphone or tablet via the Sygic website before your departure in case you do not have an Internet network.

Autostar Auros 17 de 2006

Un quad CF 450 pour les déplacements délicats.

Une remorque fermée pour le transport du quad et du matériel additionnel.