I have a dream!

Christine and Titouan railway station of Yesilkôy in Turkey. July 2004.

June 2004

These trips nourished the dreams of a boy passionate about photography. When I grow up, I will go around the world. Today, the fifties at the end of the lens and after a life devoted to watchmaking, it is more than time ... You have to leave, eat from elsewhere, feed on encounters and emotions.

I would like to share these journeys with all the adventurers of the macadam, tracks and paths, with those who dream of encounters at the end of the world. Close the door in double turn and run away from this soulless life where the next day looks like the day before. Cross other looks, faces of women without Rimmel and men with beautiful wrinkles. Walking on mother earth, without the sound of a concrete mixer and without money, just hear the flail on the wheat.
These trips, I would like to share them with you but also with them...