October 28, 2018

The year 2018 was slow and laborious. We return to Morocco, starting December 22, 2018, with a surprise but a nice surprise. Titouan, the little rascal in the photo on the home page, just with us. It is not happened for three years. The rabble has grown considerably and we dominated from the top of its 19. He doesn't come alone... A brown eyes mischievous and also rabble that he meets accompanies him. It had to happen one day! Shot of old, small shot of blues for us. Our Titounet escapes us, but we knew that this would happen. To add a little, we also take Grandma Josiane and my brother Philippe. The organization is sports. It must build the trailer so that it can carry the quad but also serve as room for the young lovebirds. Put a skylight and a window on the door. The bottom insulation and installation of a second floor in order to ask a bed and some storage. In addition, they are hardly manageable when they're together.

For the destination, we resume the courses planned for 2017 and that we had to do. The unexpected weather made us a nice joke. We spend more time on the High Atlas and we will discover the desert at Marina. Of course, we hope to meet again.

27 January 2018
We are back from the Morocco for eight days. Climate surprises have accompanied us throughout this journey. Rain, snow, cold, heat and sand storm forced us to change our destinations. We did overlook the Toubkal and Dades gorges as the snow was falling in droves. The roads were impassable and even less altitude runways.

It is already several years that we go to the Morocco. The country is changing very fast but the Moroccan and Moroccan women remain as welcoming. They do not lose their smiles and you speak passionately of their traditions and their lives. Of course, there are left behind. Ransom of modernism and the new economy! It is not certain. Maybe that my camera I have to watch what I don't want to see. Youth moves, lives and fighting for his country. The oldest dream of having twenty years to better understand emerging issues. All have adopted the mobile phone you find villages of the High Atlas to the erg Chebbi desert. The simca thousand pigeot disappeared the tracks to let place to the modern cars on ribbons of asphalt that have nothing to envy to our European roads. He two years ago M'hamid, along the Oued Draa road, had deprived me of the left rear view mirror during a crossing with a tourist bus. Today, the crossings merges without risk, therefore, that everyone remains right. Do not to even be able to put your wheels anywhere. Without a 4 x 4, a quad or good sneakers, you will not see what the Morocco hiding you beautiful.

19 octobre 2017

A la fin de l'année nous repartons au Maroc pour finir le reportage photos. Nous nous poserons dans le Jbel Toubkal, le haut Atlas et Merzouga. Nous avons acheté un quad afin de prendre des ''pistes'' vraiment impraticables pour le camping-car et vraiment trop longues pour la marche à pieds. Au dernier voyage, la neige nous a fait rebrousser chemin dans les gorges de Dades alors, nous y retournerons pour refaire cette magnifique piste.

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